How to Set Up Your Estate Plan

How to Set Up an Estate Plan 1080 x 608

Course Overview

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What Others Have Said

    • What Happens If You Die Without An Estate Plan
      • Lesson 1
    • What’s Included In Your Estate Plan
      • Lesson 2
    • The Estate Planning Process
      • Lesson 3
    • Intro To Estate Taxes
      • Lesson – Tax Exemption
      • Lesson – Homestead
      • Lesson – Marital Tax Deduction
    • Revocable Living Trust
      • Lesson 4 – Revocable Living Trust
      • Lesson 5 – Selecting Trustees
      • Lesson 6 – Walk Through a Trust
    • Estate Planning Documents
      • Lesson – Last Will and Testament
      • Lesson – Power of Attorney
      • Lesson – Advance Health Care Directive
      • Lesson – Guardianship for Minor Children
    • Transfer Documents
      • Lesson – Property Deed
      • Lesson – Personal Property
      • Lesson – Financial Accounts
      • Lesson – Life Insurance and Retirement Benefits
    • Instructions and Directions
      • Lesson – Burial Instructions
      • Lesson – Digital Assets
      • Lesson – Personal Property Instructions
    • Signing Your Documents
      • Signing Your Documents