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Personal Family Lawyer Estate Planning Pricing

Our thoughtful estate planning packages provide varying levels of protection, suited to your needs and goals

There are three levels of planning with our estate planning attorneys. When you meet with one of our attorneys for a Family Wealth Planning Session, you will pick the plan and the price that you think is best for you and your family.

* All plans include the General Estate Planning Documents

  • Last Will and Testament
  • General Powers of Attorney
  • HIPPA Waivers
  • Health Care Directives
  • Final Disposition – Burial Instructions
  • Assignment of Personal Property
  • Transfer Documents
  • Kids Protection Plan
  • Guardianship
  • Summary of Estate Plan

At Vault Estate Planning, we like to keep things SIMPLE, UNDERSTANDABLE, and PREDICTABLE. We also believe that pricing should be REASONABLE and AFFORDABLE

Based on those principles, we have



We have two options to set up your family’s Estate Plan:

1) Personal Family Lawyer

You can work with one of our Personal Family Lawyers to make sure your plan is set up correctly for your family’s unique situation and needs.

2) Do It Yourself

If you want to save money, have a simple estate plan, and do not want to work with a lawyer, you can use our software to do it yourself.

Personal Family Lawyer

 Working with a Personal Family Lawyer to do your estate planning is the best option. We will make sure that your estate plan is set up and funded correctly to meet your family’s unique and personal needs.

How It Works

We will schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session with you, (and more sessions as needed – remember, we don’t bill by the hour). You educate us on you family dynamics, needs, desires, wealth, and we educate you on the law and the different options available for your estate plan. Then, YOU pick the plan and the price you want to pay. It’s that simple!


What is included in a Flat Rate estate plan?

The Flat Rate Estate Plan includes developing your estate planning strategy, preparing the estate planning documents, signing and notarizing the documents, transferring physical, digital, and other assets into your estate plan. 


How You Pay Us

You will pay 50% up front and 50% at the time of signing your estate planning documents. Cash, checks, or debit/credit cards are acceptable. 


Different Levels of Planning

There are different levels of planning for estate plans. You can do a will based plan or a trust based plan.


Do It Yourself Estate Plan Pricing 

If you have a simple estate and all you want are documents, and you don’t want to work with lawyer, we have a Do It Yourself estate planning option as well. With our software, you can create your own estate plan.

Common Questions

Rave Reviews

What's the difference in price for the Wealth Plan?

The wealth plan is $5,500 to $7,500. The spread in price depends on different options you choose for asset protection for spouse and children.

What's the difference in price for the Trust Plan?

The Trust Plan is $3,500 to $5,500. The spread in price depends on different options you choose for asset protection for spouse and children.

If I do a DIY Plan, Can I Upgrade to a Personal Family Lawyer Plan?

Yes, you can. The amount you paid toward your DIY plan will be deducted from your Personal Family Lawyer Estate Plan.

What's the difference in price for the Family Plan?

The family plan is $1,500 to $3,500. The spread in price depends on different options you choose for asset protection for spouse and children. For example, you could have a testamentary trust created by your will.

Peter Jay with Vault Estate Planning helped us gain the peace of mind that come from knowing that our children will be cared for by the individuals we have chosen and designated. He was flexible with our busy schedules and made time to explain and educate us so that we could make the best decision for our personal situation. Peter also followed up with us to make sure all our needs were taken care of.

C. Beck

Vault Estate Planning and Peter Jay help simplify a rather complex process of creating a trust for our family. Knowing my children will be well look after if anything happens to I and or my wife brings me great peace of mind. He took time out his nights and weekend to ensure nothing was overlooked while helping to setup the plans. He even went out of his way to refile forms with the county court. We greatly appreciate all the time, effort and caring Peter put forth. I would highly recommend Vault Estate Planning to help anyone with their estate planning needs.

Ted B.


For the family who …

Wants the total assurance and peace of mind that the Trust Plan AND also all of the comfort of knowing that asset transfers have been taken care of by our office, so nothing is left out or lost because you got too busy. This plan is appropriate for busy families who want the lease amount of personal effort and the greatest amount of convenience and care.

Your Wealth Plan … 

Includes all components of the Trust Plan PLUS we analyze how each of your assets are titled and handle all asset transfers for you to guarantee your plan works for your family. We prepare a Family Wealth Inventory, complete all bank, brokerage, insurance and retirement account documents to transfer title and change beneficiaries


For the family who …

Wants the total assurance and peace of mind of knowing your family would stay out of Court and out of conflict, in the event of your death or incapacity. And wants to ensure assets will be transferred to heirs with the most ease and convenience possible in the privacy of our office without court involvement. Under this plan, you may also opt to protect your beneficiary’s inheritance from lawsuits, spouses and estate taxes.

Your Trust Plan … 

Provides peace of mind knowing we are here to guide you during life & care for your family later. The Trust Plan keeps you loved one’s out of Court, all of your affairs totally private & ensures your family can turn to us when necessary. All asset transfers will be handled by you, with unlimited guidance and support from us. A Kids Protection Plan® will be included if you have minor children.


For the family who …

Doesn’t have assets that would go through the court process called probate upon death, but who do want to guarantee their minor children are well cared for no matter what, their health care wishes are turned into directives and their loved ones are able to access their assets using a durable power of attorney if they become incapacitated. Keeps your family out of conflict.

Your Family Plan … 

Includes your Will, Health Care Directives & Powers of Attorney so you know that you are well taken care of if anything happens. Also, includes the Kids Protection Plan® to ensure your children are always raised by the people you want, in the way you want and never taken out of your home by the authorities. May include post-death trust planning to protect assets for the people you love. We’ve got your family covered.

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