Thank you for booking your Family Wealth Planning Session

    Please fill out the Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment at least two days prior to our scheduled meeting, so we can review it and have a more meaningful discussion.

    Please also review the following:


    The purpose of the Family Wealth Planning Session is to get your financial life well-organized, clarifying what you have and what you’ll need to ensure you live life responsibly and your loved one’s feel well led and well loved.

    During the meeting you and your attorney will review your Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment, which you will fill out online or return to us at or before your meeting, so you will feel more clear than you ever have before about what to do to ensure your family has everything they need for the rest of your life and beyond.

    When you scheduled your Family Wealth Planning Session with Vault Estate Planning we waived the Planning Session Fee. 

    To make your time with us more meaningful, please complete the Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment online or print it and return it to us by mail, or by fax, or by email prior to your scheduled Planning Session, or bring it with you.

    Please complete the Inventory and Assessment in as much detail as possible and either return it to us by mail, or fax, or email it to us prior to or at your scheduled meeting. If possible, please bring the folder with your statements in it with you to the Session.

    If you need assistance completing the Inventory and Assessment, please call our office.

    If you are not sure about exact figures or other information requested on the Inventory and Assessment, your best estimate is sufficient for purposes of your Planning Session.

    In addition, please begin gathering the following information we will ultimately need to ensure your family doesn’t overlook any of your assets when something happens to you. 

    • any existing wills, trusts or estate planning
    • statements for all bank, brokerage and retirement accounts
    • any life insurance policy statements,
    • LLC or Partnership Agreements, and
    • the deeds to any real estate

    If you have any questions about the package I have sent, or anything else, please call our office at (801) 610-9529. We look forward to serving you!

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