Certificate of Trust

A certificate of trust is a legal document that confirms the existence of a revocable living trust and provides key information about the trust to third parties. The certificate of trust is typically used in situations where the trustee of the trust needs to provide proof of the trust’s existence and authority, but does not want to disclose the full contents of the trust agreement.

The certificate of trust typically includes the name of the trust, the date the trust was established, the names of the trustee(s) and any successor trustees, and a statement confirming that the trust is revocable or irrevocable. It may also include the powers and limitations of the trustee, as well as any other relevant information that a third party may need to know in order to deal with the trust.

By providing a certificate of trust, the trustee can demonstrate to third parties, such as banks, title companies, or other financial institutions, that they have the authority to act on behalf of the trust without revealing the full details of the trust agreement. This can help to protect the privacy of the trust’s beneficiaries and prevent unnecessary disclosure of sensitive information.

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